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More than 25 years of experience in the field of emergency response and disaster management, makes SFI a reliable partner in emergency and disaster response.

On 26/11/2019, Albania was hit by a major earthquake. SFI with the team of its Albanian daughter organization Emergency Response Albania was able to provide immediate assistance. ERA rescue teams were in action within minutes of the earthquake. After the search and rescue operation, SFI provided humanitarian aid as well as medical and psycho-social care for those affected.

SFI has provided disaster relief on several occasions: During the nationwide civil unrest in Albania (1997), after the emergency landing of a Swiss sports plane (1997), during the Kosovo war (1998-1999), after the war in Kosovo (1999-2003), after the flooding in Tirana (2002), after the explosion disaster in Gërdec, Central Albania (2008), after the floods in Lezha, Northern Albania (2010), Peza (2013), Ndroq (2016), during and after the earthquake in Thumanë, Durrës and Tirana (2019).