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SFI - Swiss Foundation for Innovation


The Swiss Foundation for Innovation (SFI) is a Swiss nonprofit organisation with its headquarters in Switzerland and its Balkan office in Albania. SFI has over 25 years of experience in emergency medicine, disaster management, and primary health care. Since 1991 SFI has had development projects in the Balkans, especially in Albania and Kosova. We aim to support local health systems to excel in emergency care and disaster management.

In 2012, SFI established Emergency Response Albania, the first professional emergency medical service, according to international standards in Albania.

SFI, in cooperation with ERA Medical Services, has a fully accredited training program (EMS Academy) in emergency medicine and technical rescue.

Since March 2022, SFI has been supporting health structures in Ukraine, focusing on medical supply and medical evacuations (Advanced Live Support and Intensive Care transports).

SFI always cooperates with local experts and brings additional know-how of specialists from Switzerland, Germany, and the United States. SFI stands for innovation and strives to implement international best practices and set new emergency response and care trends.

Organisational Profile